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    Resident Evil 5 Tips and Tricks Empty Resident Evil 5 Tips and Tricks

    Post by Desperado on Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:39 pm

    I personally found these tricks to be very helpful in story mode and also mercenaries mode.

    Who gets what?

    Arrow It better if you have a shotgun and your partner either has a machine gun or a sniper rifle. It bad to have two fo the same weapons that share the same ammo.

    Arrow It best if one has a shotgun and a another powerful weapon, while your partner has a machine gun and maybe a sniper rifle.

    Arrow It very important to upgrade your weapons! Since you have a large variety of weapons, i suggest to upgrade each weapon at the end of each chapter.

    You got my back right?

    Arrow It best if you watch each other backs. Get in the habit where if you or your partner goes out by himself or herself, to watch there back. The best position i highly recommend is having your backs at each other.

    Arrow If you partner is in a bad situation, throw a flash greande. Yes it might blind them but it's better to be safe than sorry.

    Arrow If your partner is grab by a zombie and you can reach him or her, try to shoot the zombie. If not, throw a flash greande if you have any.

    Arrow Stick together! If your an experience Resident Evil 5 player, you can go out alone but it's always best to stick together.

    What now?

    Arrow It's best to always carry a first aid can spray or combine one green herb and one red herb.

    Arrow Get into the habit where you have to give some ammo to your partner. Since i highly recommend keeping the handgun, you will have to share handgun ammo.

    Arrow There are some times where you just have to use one bullet to kill a majini. The best spots to shoot are in the legs, head, arms.

    More on the way!

    "Don't you trust your partner?"
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