Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode tips


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    Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode tips Empty Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode tips

    Post by Desperado on Wed Jan 13, 2010 7:02 pm

    Since versus mode came out a while back, i've been seeing on the PSN that alot of the people who play don't really have alot of common sense or strategy. Here are my tips and tricks for you to succeed.

    Arrow No matter what stick together! Especially when you are playing survivors. Plan your attack with your partner!

    Arrow Always have at least two first aid sprays. It better to have two than one. Save one for yourself and one for your partner when he or she is in trouble.

    Arrow Don't always pick wesker. Yes wesker is good but he can easily be kill. I recommend people to everyone that Wesker provides a more of a challenge to play with him.

    Arrow When playing slayers, use the combo boxes wisely! If there is a big crowd around you, quickly look for the nearest box and blast them away.

    "Don't you trust your partner?"
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