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    Resident Evil 1.5 Empty Resident Evil 1.5

    Post by Desperado

    Resident Evil 1.5 Re1-5ss

    On Resident Evil 1.5, you play as Leon S. Kennedy and Elza Walker (AKA Claire Redfield). The storyline and the characters are completely different. During the story, Elza will team up with Sherry Birkin and Kendo (the gun owner who died in RE2). Leon Kennedy teams up with a cop and a scientist. The gameplay is similar to Resident Evil one and the feel and sounds of the game is different. The game was 60% percent done until the producer said to cancel the game. He said that "The game was similar to Resident Evil." This is one of a couple of games that were cancel. Personally, some of the games that were cancel shouldn't have been cancel. Some were more scarier and more intense.

    Below are some screenshots from the game...

    Resident Evil 1.5 Evil4

    Resident Evil 1.5 Beztytuuts8

    Resident Evil 1.5 Pbucket

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    Post on Wed Nov 25, 2009 5:34 pm by Birkin

    This game looked really good, the police station was bigger, clothes got bloody, mutated gorillas, dangerous traps, you could rescue marvin.

    The finished version of re2's still good, but this one still looked a lot better imo.

    Lol they didn't want the game to be to similar to the first but they ignored everyones complaints when we said re5 looked to similar to 4 but released it anyway.

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